Taylor outlines likely changes at Star Tribune

Glen Taylor has pretty much confirmed that things are going to change when he takes over ownership of the Star Tribune.

Britt Robson’s excellent MinnPost question-and-answer with the the Timberwolves owner carries this not-so-veiled shot at older ink-stained wretches still toiling in the newsroom.

I would say back to them, “No. You are going to have new hires. You are going to have new people. There are going to be changes in seniority. You have got to be responsible to your readership.” And I think it has already been changing, and I have been a longtime reader of the paper.

And just for good measure, he made sure people got the point later in the interview.

I’ve seen some of the new reporters and I think there is a little bit more of a balance. But I think traditionally, some of the reporters that have been hired and they have been there for a long time, I don’t know how you are ever going to change those people and what they write, but through time itself, some of those people will retire.

Unfortunately, Taylor gave no example of journalism from the old-timers that he doesn’t think should fly under his regime.

On the whole, Taylor sounded themes of ownership restraint in the article. But it’s clear it’s not a good time to be an old reporter at the Star Tribune.