Special ed teacher pocket dials special ed parent with rant


What are the odds that a special education teacher would go on a nasty rant about her students, while she “pocket dialed” her phone, and the call went to the parent of a special education student?

Mimi Klane is on leave from Fernbrook Elementary in Maple Grove, WCCO reports.

In the March 11 message, Klane can be heard saying: “I had to be here because otherwise I might strangle a student….These children should not be in school. This is public school, for God’s sake.”

  • Joe

    “These children should not be in school.”
    I think this person has the whole idea of what public school is for backwards, which is surprising because she works there.

  • Jim G

    Do teachers vent their raw emotions in private? Yes, but to only trusted friends and confidants. Raw emotions will always shock. However, why would she have a parent’s phone number on speed dial on a private cell phone? Every teacher should learn from that mistake. Keep your private cell phones…private. Don’t use your cell/smart phones for work, unless you want something like this to happen to you.

    • kevinfromminneapolis

      I think it’s reasonable for special ed instructors to have parents’ contact info.

      • JDan

        In the article it said she had just made a phone call to the parent in question. It would probably be wise to use the schools land line phone to make such calls.