Police chief calls for a little more civility online

Tony Dejack/AP file photo

Brimfield, Ohio police chief David Oliver has become an online sensation following the knife attack at a school in Pennsylvania this week.

On his Facebook page, Oliver said he was sending thoughts and prayers to the community, an innocuous enough post. But many of his readers used it to do what online readers often do: have the same argument they had yesterday and the day before. The used the event to further their own agenda — political and otherwise.

That’s was enough for the chief…

“I’m more concerned about kids dying than I am about who has a D or an R at the end of their name,” he said.

Oliver’s department serves only about 10,000 people. But his department has 150,000 friends on Facebook.

  • Jack

    Police Chief Oliver, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    One of the reasons that I read (and comment) on News Cut is that the comments are not usually uncivil.

    We should all model good behavior for others.

    Thank you for your work!

  • jon

    Police Chief Oliver for president!
    He will put those [opposing political party] in their place!

    Seriously though, what do you think the odds for a Police Chief Oliver, and Pilot Sully Sullenberger ticket?
    The world needs to escalate more people with this kind of character up to celebrity status people elevate our compassion and empathy vs… what ever it is we are doing now…

  • killershrew

    Holy cow, amen to that! Love it.