For most of this year, a spirited group of Concordia University students has been learning more about the legislative process by championing a bill they said would strip lawmakers of immunity if they’re arrested for drunk driving during the session. No doubt it’s been a great learning experience but yesterday’s lesson came from attorney general Read more

For the most part, Americans got all glassy-eyed when the tech types tried to whip up support for “net neutrality,” which treats everyone as equal on the Internet. Now, we’re about to pay the price — literally — for our indifference.

Netflix announced to investors this week that it will raise its monthly price, hardly surprising after the shakedown Comcast staged by throttling Netflix content, causing buffering and angry customers to the point where Netflix had no choice but to pay Comcast more money to clear the roadblock.
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When Stephen Sutton of the UK learned he had bowel cancer at 15, and learned he was terminal at 17, he used his Facebook page to chronicle all the things he wanted to do before he dies. He wanted to skydive. He did. He wanted to play drums in a band at Wembley Stadium. He did. He wanted to crowd surf. He did. He also wanted to raise more than $1.6 million for cancer research and he was far short of his goal when he posted his goodbye on Facebook this week. Read more