One Day in the Twin Cities

Many years ago, in the infancy of NewsCut, we tried to replicate the famous “A Day in the Life” photo series by encouraging people to submit photos on a particular day. We got some great images, but we never were able to replicate the diversity of the state’s activities.

But the effort has always intrigued me which is why this week’s somewhat similar project excites me.

Filmmakers are encouraged to submit videos addressing these questions:

Why are you in your city?
What do you love about your city?
What is the best thing happening in your city today?
What are your city’s biggest challenges?
Who is your city not serving?
What is the worst thing that could happen to your city?
What are the solutions that your city needs to implement?
How are people changing the future of your city?
What do you hope for your city in the next 20 years?
Ask your own question about your city.

You don’t have much time. “One day” is Saturday.

  • MrE85

    “Why are you in your city?” Which city? I work in Saint Paul, but I live in the ‘burbs.
    But I’ll answer anyhow. It was the first place we found with a house we wanted for a price we could afford.
    Little did I know I was offending urban hipsters who disapprove of my zip code. I’m older and wiser now.