On the menu at the homeless shelter: A little respect

Today’s “gets you right in the feels” entry comes from Glendale, Calif., where a group surprised 50 homeless people at a shelter with a better meal.

In January, the city moved the shelter to the industrial part of the city after people complained about having the homeless downtown.

  • gregstaffa

    The shelter in the video is a Horrible Horrible shelter. Homeless advocates in that shelter exploit, and cyberbully homeless. Great, for one day they did something good. Does not make up for years of homeless abuse.

    • Charles

      [citation needed]

      • gregstaffa

        I spent three years homeless. And was terrorized by the Advocates at the Glendale shelter. Exploited, slandered, cyber bullied to the brink of suicide. 100 pages of collected documents and the support of 2 members on the board of the National Homeless Coalition.

  • CHL

    I hope that the prank it forward concept catches on. If it is a horrible shelter as noted by greg, then those who are there needed this even more.