It’s good to be David Ortiz

In a perfect world on April Fool’s Day, the Boston Red Sox would’ve played a great joke on teammate Jonny Gomes, who bought all of his teammates the ridiculous sport coats I wrote about last week to wear at their White House meeting with President Obama today. They were being honored for last year’s World Series victory.

“Oh, sure, we’ll all wear them, Jonny,” we imagine the teammates saying, then wearing “normal” White House attire, leaving Gomes to look like Where’s Waldo in the official picture.

The Red Sox insisted they got one of the sports jackets to give to the president, too. But when the time came for David “Big Papi” Ortiz to do the honors, he went old school.

Then, Ortiz insisted on a selfie with the president…

You Twins fans remember Ortiz, right? Of course you do.