Inside a Twins pitcher’s mansion

Former Minnesota Twin Brad Radke was a workhorse for the team. He had one good year — 1997 when he went 20-10 — but he ended up as a .500 pitcher.

He was never a “flashy” sort of player and he didn’t scream “personality.” He was a fairly low-key kind of guy.

Not like this.

It’s part of Radke’s mansion in Belleair Beach, Florida, which is for sale.

The dining room seems like a nice place to have an unpretentious dinner, or occasionally hold re-enactments of The Last Supper.

Nothing says intimate like this master suite.

The master bath will remind you of the old locker room back in the day.

With this home theater, you could invite the team over to watch Trading Places.

The living room looks like the perfect place to put your feet up on somebody and relax.

And if the house doesn’t scream “I’m rich” enough, you can put an enlarged newspaper sports section on your wall in the bar touting the richest contract (at that time) in Minnesota Twins history.

The backyard is practically maintenance free. No lawn to mow.

And the patio looks like the perfect place to meditate on all the playoff games you lost.

It can be yours for $6.8 million, or about $5.8 million more than Radke paid for the cabin in 2002. If you put 20 percent down ($1.3 million), the mortgage will only run you a little over $26,000 a month, not including taxes and insurance. That’ll run you another $6,000 a month.

You can schedule a showing here. Just don’t mention the Yankees when you go.

Be sure to stop in and meet the neighbors, though.

  • Gary F

    At least he didn’t blow his money on cocaine.

    I hear he’s got some nice boats too.

    • Joe

      How do you know he didn’t blow money on cocaine?

  • I need an indoor basketball court for $6.8 million.

    • Gary F

      Yes, that and a trap and gun range, woodworking shop, mechanics auto lift for that kinda money.

      How old are his kids? Have they spilled grape juice on the sofa?

  • MrE85

    My comrades, just look at this capitalist corruption. Now you understand why we must fight on!

  • Jim G

    F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The very rich are different from you and me.” Their showers are what set the rich apart from the rest of us. Show us the showers.

    • There was only one shower shown and it wasn’t impressive. but you can take the “virtual tour” here.

      • Jim G

        Thanks, Bob. I took the tour and was unimpressed by the shower also. However, I’m envious of the game room, pool table, and of course the 18 year-old scotch that I’d be sipping. Oh well, my split-level has something this mansion will never have, an affordable mortgage.

      • Jay T. Berken

        My ears are bleeding…

  • Greg W

    So many patterns. Not a place for those afflicted with astigmatism.

  • joetron2030

    My eyes! Ugh.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Few things in life have ever left me this speechless.

  • tboom

    I’d like to meet the decorator … meet, not hire.

    • Joe

      You can’t buy taste. As for class, that illusion will never die.

  • Jack

    Looks like it has been on the market for a while (if I’m reading the listing correctly). Wonder why?!?

    Never mind the price of the house, you’d need a whole staff to clean the thing. Give me my little old place any day – I don’t need a second job to pay the property taxes.

    Really – who needs a 7 car garage? Time to convert it to a bed and breakfast – at least the tourists would save the airfare to experience the Spanish/Mediterranean style.

  • JDan

    Amazing that a mediocre pitcher could afford such a palace.