First Division I NCAA men’s basketball player reveals he’s gay

Meet Derrick Gordon. He’s one of a kind.

Gordon is the only player in men’s Division I college basketball to acknowledge he’s gay.

He waited for another player to be the first to come out, then decided he might as well be the one.

He came out this week after his coach called a team meeting, ESPNw writes today:

A minute later, the sophomore shooting guard stood and walked into the room, accompanied by University of Massachusetts men’s basketball coach Derek Kellogg. Gordon faced his teammates, a group of guys he liked but had always kept at arm’s length.

That was about to change

Kellogg spoke first. “We’re all here together, and we need to love each other for who we are,” he said. “One of your family members, your brother, wants to let you know something about himself.”

There was a pause. And then Kellogg, sensing that Gordon needed help, tried breaking the ice. “I wanted to let you all know I’m gay,” the coach said. His players all looked at him, stunned. What?

Gordon took his cue and spoke up.

“No, he’s not. But I am.”

His teammates pledged their support, lamenting that he had turned away from them.

Gordon says he now feels a responsibility to other young gay athletes, Outsports reports.

  • Good for him. He was a pest whenever UMass played GW this past year. I can see a road game in Dayton (the same stadium where they chant “USA” at all foreign players) being the worst road trip during A10 play.

  • Joe

    I hate it when my preconceived notions about certain segments of the population are shattered by the truth