Behold, the power of perfect strangers!

Last fall, NBC’s Nightly News program broadcast the story of an 11-year-old boy who lost his legs when a mortar hit his house when the Taliban and U.S. troops were fighting nearby.

Near Boston, 7,000 miles away, a retired woman saw the story and decided to pay for his education at one of the best schools in Kabul.

“I know that there are countless children who have injuries like Obaid and it’s impossible to help all of them,” Cindy Barrett said. “But it’s not impossible to help one of them. And that’s why I’m glad I have this connection.”


In Pine City, Minnesota, meanwhile, a two-year old girl is getting the kidney she needs from a woman who’d never met her.

Her desperate family took to Facebook to find help, KARE 11 reports, and Christy Harding, of Jacksonville, Florida, was moved to provide her kidney to a stranger.

“I get sad so I scroll through them and I don’t know why I stopped on this one,” Harding said. “And I called on this one, and a match to this one, I can’t imagine waiting for that phone call for somebody to say, ‘Yes, someone made the decision to save your daughter’s life.'”

  • John

    There’s one of those corny chicken soup stories that is about a guy walking along the beach throwing starfish into the ocean. Someone asks him why, and he says something about saving them. The questioner tells him it doesn’t matter. The starfish thrower picks one up, looks at the questioner, says “it matters to this one,” and chucks it into the ocean.

    There’s also an episode of MASH where someone tells Hawkeye he can’t fix the world. Hawkeye says “I’m not trying to. Just my little corner of it.”

    It’s good to see both of those adages combined. People helping people they’ve never met in ways that don’t benefit them in any direct, physical, way.

    “There’s always guys carrying refrigerators in marathons.” Thanks Bob.