After giving up game-losing homer, pitcher helps batter around the bases

When it comes to sportsmanship, female athletes rarely disappoint. They seem to get it more than their male counterparts.

Evidence of this comes to us today from Lakeland, Florida, where Chelsea Oglevie, a senior at Florida Southern College, was just one pitch away from wrapping up her collegiate softball career.

Eckerd College’s Kara Oberer ruined the day for her, though, when she hit a three-run homerun to win the game for Eckerd, apparently making a loser out of Oglevie.

Except that she didn’t. Oberer had hurt her knee earlier in the doubleheader and couldn’t make it around the bases for her home-run trot.

That’s when Oglevie and her teammate Leah Pemberton stepped in.

“Just realizing what an incredible hit that was,” Oglevie told ESPNw. “I don’t care who you are, you deserve to go around the bases and get your home run. She deserved it. I threw a pitch that she hit hard, and she deserved it.”