Whatever happened to Syria?

It doesn’t take long to push one crisis off the front page and replace it with another. We have a short attention span when it comes to global news. Currently, of course, the situation in Ukraine is occupying our attention. And now it’s almost hard to remember what the big crisis was before that?

Oh, yes, Syria. So yesterday. And so still happening.

Today — and for the first time — the United Nations is accusing the Syrian rebels of crimes against humanity. But it reserved its harshest language for powerful nations on earth who are allowing it to happen.

According to Deutsche Welle:

Many people were “denied humanitarian aid, food and such basic necessities as medical care, and must choose between surrender and starvation,” it said, accusing the government of a “starvation until submission campaign.”

The commission highlighted the situation in Ghouta, Daraya and Moadamiyet al Sham in rural Damascus, the Yarmuk Palestinian refugee camp near the capital and the old city of Homs, where “siege warfare is employed in the context of egregious human rights and international humanitarian law violations.”

  • Thomas Mercier

    I’m sure Iraq is pretty quiet these days and if we’re getting out of Afghanistan it is probably on the up and up too.

    It’s easy to be outraged, it’s hard to do anything about it. And hard things aren’t fun.