Wait, don’t tell me Carl Kasell is retiring!

Via Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Facebook page

The only thing that made Carl Kasell’s retirement from NPR acceptable, was that he’d still be on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me every week.

Now, that’s ending too.

Kasell announced today he’s retiring from the show.

“My favorite time at NPR has been Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! It was loads of fun and gave me a chance to meet and talk in person to the audiences that I felt I had known for so many years on the air,” Kasell said in NPR’s news release this afternoon. “I can honestly say I am the luckiest man around to be able to have worked at a job I love for so many years. It’s truly been a joy for me.”

Last year he missed a few months of the show with an undisclosed illness.

  • MrE85

    That’s a great show. I hope Carl can get a little fishing in, and sleep late every morning.

  • bp

    Will people even want to call in if they can’t win Carl’s voice on their voicemail/answering machine???

    • joetron2030

      From the NPR story, it sounds like he will still do the greetings for contest winners (at least for the foreseeable future). He just won’t be on the show regularly.

  • Byron Patterson

    Now who will be leaving their voice on people’s home answering machines or voice mail?

  • differentdrummer

    But you haven’t answered the big question: Who’s Carl next time?

  • IsotopeD

    To our home, which you know is our castle
    Telemarketers try to bring hassle
    We have a sly scheme:
    an answering machine!
    Let them speak to the voice of Carl Kassel!

  • HS

    from my kids, “He’s retiring, but he’s not old in my ears.”