Video: Crashes on the Mendota Bridge

Joe Mueller was in the right spot at a bad time today when a series of collisions closed the westbound lanes of the Mendota Bridge during a snowstorm. He was able to film the crashes that involved an estimated 60 vehicles.

(Warning: profanity on video)

In the video, Mueller helps several of the victims to safety as more cars crashed into the mess.

  • Terrifying.

  • guest

    Must have missed where he helped “several” people to safety. I saw him give a woman some Kleenex and that was nice though.

    • Kassie

      He yelled at people to get out of their car. Which of course could have ended very badly and is terrible advice. Unless it is on fire or underwater, stay in your car!

  • J-dawg

    Wow, that video was awful. Why is it being linked to/promoted?

  • Jack

    Not to be a wet blanket but the safest place is in your car. Note the part of the retaining wall that broken out.