Some Wisconsin child support money disappears in Target credit card theft

What can hackers steal along with the credit card data they took when they broke into Target’s servers? At least in Wisconsin, child support payments.

In Wisconsin, child support from the state is given to recipients in the form of debit Mastercards, a program described as “a secure and convenient way to receive payments.”

But, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says, about 4,000 of the cards were compromised when hackers stole Target’s information, and in several cases, they’ve helped themselves to the cash:

Former Milwaukee resident Anita Lichtenberger said she found out she’d been a victim in January when she made a routine call to EPPIC to find out the balance on her card. Instead of the normal automated system that tells her the balance, she was transferred to an EPPIC rep, who informed her that $3,597 was stolen from her account through an ATM overseas on Jan. 6.

“The person I was transferred to said, ‘There have been several transactions on your card in London, England. They took three withdrawals for approximately $1,300 each,'” she told the Public Investigator this week. “I was freaked out.”

The state is only providing protection if a fraud questionnaire is mailed back within 10 days.