Road rage: Instant karma’s gonna get you

Let he/she who has not dreamed of this payback cast the first stone.

Jeffrey Travis White, 33, of Tampa, was arrested on Wednesday for leaving the scene of an accident. The target of his road rage, Tracy Lynn Sloan of Lakeland, is concluding one of the best weeks of her life today.

  • John

    Apart from her using her cell phone to record this doofus while driving, I wholeheartedly approve.

  • Chris Hatch

    Yes this guy was acting like a jerk. In the article however, she notes that she couldn’t move over but it’s clear from the video she could have if she wanted to.

    And if the roads were truly that slippery, why take a hand off the wheel to film?

    • David Wilford

      I think I see an excellent opportunity for a new CarPlay app: TailGate-Cam

    • jon

      Wholeheartedly agree.

      Driving in the passing lane (clearly he got over, but she couldn’t?) and doing it with your cell phone out and one hand off the wheel…. Oh boy, we’ve got a winner of a situation there… But it’s ok, some one else was driving worse!

      I was really hoping it was a passenger filming… but when I saw it was not, I wonder what karma awaits the “good driver” who can’t be arsed to keep her hands on the wheel of move to the right…

      Being a good driver doesn’t mean not tailgating people, it also means giving the fact that you are traveling 40 mph faster than what evolution ever prepared your body for, not to mention commanding more force than an entire roman phalanx with the flip of your foot the respect it deserves.