Mike Duffy gets a new job

That’s one for the old guys!

The Star Tribune reports that Mike Duffy has a new job with the state of Minnesota, helping state employees with their benefits.

If there’s anybody people have been collectively pulling for, it’s Duffy, who was profiled in a Star Tribune article a month ago about the plight of older workers who get laid off.

For a couple of decades he made a six-figure salary in sales, but he lost his job at 62 and he kept getting turned away from every job interview he had.

“It’s kind of like the baseball player who hits his late 30s,” he said, “and realizes he’s just not wanted anymore.”

That’s a quote that hit the gut of every older person, even the one who’s working fulltime.

So he took a job at Starbuck’s in Edina making $7.75 an hour part-time. But he was happy to have the work.

“It’s nice when someone throws you a bone,” he told the Star Tribune.

He’s given his notice to Starbuck’s and will start with the state in a couple of weeks.

  • Dave_MN

    This is great news! I’m happy to hear it.

  • John O.

    Nice! Congratulations Mike!

  • Jack

    Wonderful news! Hopefully this provides hope to all those still looking for work.

  • John

    Maybe it’s because I’m relatively young, and I understand that it happens, but why is it so hard for older people to find jobs? When I’m looking to hire, the only thing that matters is finding the person who is most qualified and excited about a job. (This is largely hypothetical, as I have only been part of one hiring at work besides my own).

    What does age have to do with that?

    • John

      I asked the wrong question.

      Why are businesses so hesitant to hire older workers?

      I think that’s the question I mean to ask.