Lynx out, Mayo in on team jerseys

Ladies and gentlemen: Your world champion Minnesota Mayo Clinics!

The Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA today became the first team in the Twin Cities to wipe its name off its jerseys and sell the space to an advertiser, in this case the Mayo Clinic.

The Lynx already used their jerseys to boost Boost Mobile, but Mayo will get top billing.

It’s been coming for awhile. Other WNBA teams had already sold jersey space.

Although none of the professional men’s teams in the city have gone this far in the commercialization department, it also might be true that none of them are good enough that any company would want to put their name on the jerseys.

All of this has been standard practice in Europe for years, and it’s not as if NASCAR — one of the most popular sports in America — has turned fans off with its logo plastering.

We’ll get over it.

  • MrE85

    The Mayo Brothers are on the sisters. Well, I like them better than the pink breast cancer awareness stuff.

  • I’m not sure if the Lynx are the first team to forgo their name on their uniforms. I think other WNBA teams have done it before us.

    As for the NBA, I believe we got a preview of what’s to come during this year’s Rookie-Sophomore game at All-Star Weekend. They wore patches on the upper left chest portion, as well as below their numbers on the back (which are the two areas the NBA proposed advertising for about a year ago).

    Bottom line: Cash rules everything around me. No surprise in the sporting world.

    • Should’ve said first team IN THE CITIES.

      • Best team in the cities, too.

  • David

    This has been happening in Major League Soccer. I suppose it is the easiest leap from the European practice.

    There is even a local company in on the action:

  • RB

    The Swarm Lacrosse team is sponsored by Treasure Island Casino and has the casino’s logo on the backs of their jerseys.

  • Diane

    Thanks for the perspective. I always think in terms of the negative (men’s NBA teams don’t have to sell jersey space). Lynx definitely are the ONLY local pro team I’d want my company’s name connected with.

    • Jack

      Totally agree with that sentiment!

  • Al

    Could be so, so, SO much worse. I’ll take it.

  • Patrick

    I think it is a terrible idea all the way around. I love the Lynx, but I hate this decision. You may be right that we will get used to it Bob, but I wish we didn’t have to. There are so many better ways to sponsor a team than to completely scrub the uniform of the team’s actual name. I am really disappointed.

  • tboom

    So does this hurt jersey sales? And would it hurt jersey sales of teams that sell A LOT of jerseys?

    For example, I hear there are quite a few people willing to spend nearly $100 for a jersey which identifies the wearer as the running back for the local football team. Would there be as many people willing to shell out the same amount for a jersey that identifies them as a running back for the Minnesota Mall of Americas? Or, how about a first baseman for the Minnesota Targets?

    • BJ

      Biggest selling Jerseys in the world All have sponsers on them.

      • tboom

        Wow, I’d never have guessed, but then I don’t have anyone’s jersey.

        So why a single jersey sponsor? I can hear the announcer now:

        “Minnesota will take the field in their red home Target jerseys tonight, and be sure to join us tomorrow when they will be wearing Summit Pale Ale dark gold uniforms. Don’t forget every Sunday home game, Minnesota will be in those beautiful parsley green and red trimmed uniforms sponsored by Hormel and Coke, and as always a hot dog and soft drink is only fifteen dollars.

        Next Monday Minnesota starts a road series with four games in Las Angeles … er, Anaheim. For the first three games Minnesota will be in their traveling Disney multi-colors and finish off the series in black and white Shamu themed Sea World uniforms.

        Be sure to get your advanced sale tickets for Wednesday night Sept. 27. That’s the only home game this season Minnesota will be in their official non-commercial Twins uniforms.

        And remember all official uniform jerseys, in all player and manager numbers, are available and on sale in official Minnesota merchandise outlets and online.”

        • tboom

          Oh, and don’t forget charity night. MPR uniforms and half the proceeds from jersey sales go to public radio.

          • BJ

            They get one Jersey sponsor for say $1 million dollars, they would not get two to split the season for $1 million each. Maybe they get 1 for 1/2 season for $400,000 then second half for $400,000 – leaving $200,000 on table seems dumb.

  • Jeff

    Yay! Now ticket prices will come down! Right?