It must be spring; 30 Days of Biking registration opens

It’s March! Welcome to “31 Days Of Thinking About Signing Up for 30 Days of Biking” in April. I usually don’t get further than thinking about it.

Registration for those of you who do more than thinking about it opened over the weekend here.

  • John

    I tried to do it last year (without signing up, because I can bike without signing something), but didn’t make it because of the two big snowstorms we got. I think I made it less than two weeks before the snow chased me back into the garage.

    I’ll try again this year (again – without signing up) if the snow melts enough by 4/1 to make it possible. I think there were a couple days early last April that consisted of once around the block, walking part of the way because of ice on the road. What can I say? I’m a fair weather cyclist – at least when it comes to cold.