In Canada, a penny for a soldier’s service

Oh, Canada!

Cpl. Justin Stark, an infantry soldier with the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, killed himself in October 2011. He was just 22 years old.

Stark had been on a a seven-month tour in Afghanistan that started in 2010, including patrolling Nakhonay, a village southwest of Kandahar city.

Nobody really knows what pushed him to take his own life.

His mother, who visits her son’s grave every day, has been trying to get the military to consider his death work related, according to the CBC.

A few days ago, more than two years after Stark’s death, a check arrived in the mail from the government of Canada, “presumably for owed military pay,” the CBC reported.

It was for a penny.

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  • Jim G

    CBC Hamilton:
    Minister of National Defence Rob Nicholson said he agreed the situation was “absolutely ridiculous.”
    “I extend the apologies of … everyone in the government to his mother. And we thank this individual for the service that he gave his country,” he said.
    “That being said, Mr. Speaker, this is an insensitive bureaucratic screw-up. I’ve just learned of it now and I will take steps immediately to ensure that something like this should never happen again.”

    They’ll probably double the amount.