How to park Minnesotan

In Minnesota — and in this case: Minneapolis — winter is the time of the year when you can almost roll a car while parking it.

  • MrE85

    After today, the angle should be a little lower.

  • Jim G

    We went to our church, which is located in the Uptown area two weeks ago when the morning temperature was -16 the wind chill in the -30 range. As Mpls residents know there’s No Parking allowed on the even side, and these restrictions are in effect until April 1st. After I dropped my wife off, I spent the next ten minutes prowling the one-way streets for a parking spot. I finally FOUND ONE four blocks away. I began a treacherous journey slipping and sliding on my way, I was just about at the door when this uneasy thought arose in my brain: “Did I lock it?” So, I reversed my course and continued slipping and sliding back to the car. Then the polar gusts really kicked up, blowing me towards church. Afterwards on the fourth polar excursion back to the car, I informed my wife that we wouldn’t be going to church again until after April Fool’s Day.

  • Jack

    Must have crawled out the passenger side. Saw a pickup parked at a steeper angle than this one this morning on my way to work. Just crazy!

  • DavidG

    saw that car this evening. It’s on Marshal St NE, ~15th Ave. The driver’s side rear bumper is basically torn off. My guess is collision, and they moved it over like that rather than towing it.