Girl who shaved head in support of friend with cancer allowed to return to class

Jamie Olson Renfro posted this picture of her daughter on her Facebook page.

A school in Grand Junction, Colorado has determined that a little common sense still has a role in educating kids.

Caprock Academy, a charter school, has decided to allow Kamryn Renfro to return to school after she shaved her head to show her support for a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy.

That got her tossed out of class for violating the school’s dress code. She was told she could return to school when her hair grew back.

The story spread on Facebook yesterday and the school relented. Now, according to her mother, school officials will decide whether the shaved-head policy needs to go.

We never expected any of the support that we have received regarding Kamryn and Delaney. We are pleased with the decision that our school made to let Kamryn back in school today. She got up, got ready, and held her head high as she walked into her classroom this morning. To say her dad and I are proud, is a total understatement. Nate and I are so humbled from the outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and strangers. Our goal was just to get the shaved head policy at Kamryn’s school revised, and let her back in the classroom. That goal is on it’s (sic) way to being reached, with a meeting by the board being held this evening, as well as an invitation for Kamryn to return to school today. At no point during this ordeal was Kamryn’s school not supportive of her decision, nor show compassion…they just made a decision to enforce their dress code, which we were asking to be changed. They responded to all of our requests, and have treated us with nothing but respect the whole time. Now that we have seen just how much 2 little girls can change the world and touch so many hearts, we are asking for all of this attention to embrace awareness of childhood cancer. There are so many blessings that have come to light for our family the past couple of days, and we would like to use this as a platform, along with our best of friends…Delaney and Wendy, to remind everyone that Delaney is still in the fight of her life, and needs as much love, support and prayers as she can get. Thank you! Love, prayers, and hugs from the Renfro’s

  • Joe

    This is a fantastic story. It is refreshing to see school administrators see through their zero tolerance policies and into people’s hearts.

  • Kassie

    What sort of school has a policy that doesn’t allow for shaved heads? If she was a boy, would it have been an issue at all?

    • Ralphy

      Thanks Kassie. One of the dumbest rules ever! I grew up in farm & woods country, and most of the kids had hair 1/4″ or shorter – easier to clean and find wood ticks, I suppose. We got shaved every other Saturday. I was jealous of my friends that had hair. It seems like the school is asking for a legal challenge, one they would likely lose.