Airline passenger in Canada shocked to find women fly airplanes

You can’t blame Carrie Steacy, an airline pilot in Canada, for being a little steamed. All she did was get “David in 12E” and all of the other passengers safety to their destinations in British Columbia.

For her effort, she got this napkin note left behind, according to Metro News:

“I just couldn’t believe there are still people in this country that think like that,” she told Metro. “It just shocked me.”

It would shock us if it turns out to be legit.

(h/t: John Olson)

  • John Peschken

    It might not be fake, sadly. I know people who think like this. The bible reference makes it seem all too real for me. When someone decides to abandon reason for blind faith crazy happens.

  • joetron2030

    And, of course, no name signed to that note. Cowardly, as always. Assuming it is real.

  • bob hicks

    Any word yet as to whether this icky note is authentic?