The closest Minnesota has ever gotten to a Super Bowl trophy

What are the odds that a day after winning a Super Bowl, the Super Bowl trophy would arrive back in Minnesota?

It happened today.

The Delta charter for the Seattle Seahawks, on their way home after yesterday’s game, diverted to Minnesota reportedly because of the need for a change of pilots and crew under FAA regulations. The plane is also being deiced.

The flight was grounded by a snowstorm and was 2 1/2 hours late leaving the New York area, apparently putting the crew over their assigned limits, according to a Seattle radio station. The storm was the closest anything has gotten to stopping the team in the last 24 hours.

Photo: Seattle Seahawks

No doubt it was a tearful homecoming for Tavaris Jackson and Percy Harvin, two ex-Vikings who will now sport Super Bowl rings.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I can’t imagine stopping to change crew is something airlines are going to do to non-charter flights to comply with the new rules.

  • John Peschken

    ” Tavaris Jackson and Percy Harvin, two ex-Vikings …”
    It seems like I see that a lot. Apparently the best way for a Vikings player to get to the Super Bowl is to leave the Vikings. Sometimes the personnel decisions astound me. I feel like Calvin Griffith has risen from the dead and is running the Vikings.

    • joetron2030

      Applies to Twins players, too, as of late.

  • Dave

    Take a good look, Queens fans!!