The chart proves it: You can take more winter

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources posted this chart today proving that, while severe, this isn’t really the worst winter ever.


We’re filing this under “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?”

Let me take a crack at simplying this:


  • Jim G

    We still have the months of March, April, and yes, May to reach our miserable Misery Index record. Although we are all done with winter, it isn’t done with us. If you go outside and listen very carefully… very carefully… you can hear icicles tinkling with mischievous mirth.

    • When I’ve walked outside in the morning the last few days, i’ve noticed something else: Birds are singing a spring song. I assume the birds aren’t from here.

      • Jim G

        I noticed Cardinals practicing, and the sun is rising earlier each day too. If we can just break out of this polar vortex the temperatures and weather should improve. I’m hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

        • I don’t want it to happen too soon. All of those people who’ve been posting pictures from their warm-spot vacatons this week need to get back and suffer a bit first.

          • Jim G

            Denver hit 70 this past weekend. My wife visiting her daughter sent me a picture with the caption, “Look Pa, No jackets!” Now, she is back here in the freezer, but with a sunnier disposition.

  • jon

    Well the chart suggests that this isn’t the worst Minnesota winter in my life time, just the worst one where I’ve lived in Minnesota.

  • joetron2030

    It’s all about that 2nd chart. Thanks for breaking it down, Bob!

  • Dave

    This morning was incredibly miserable, possibly one of the most miserable mornings this winter. Usually you don’t see overcast conditions when it’s below zero, because normally it takes a high pressure system to get that cold. But not today. So depressing and so cold. Roads are an absolute nightmare.

    I swear to god that payback is coming to every person who “likes” this winter. It’s gonna be 90 every day from May Day to Christmas. It’s going to be humid. There are going to be mosquitoes the size of hummingbirds and they’re only coming for you. Revenge is a dish best served hot. It’s going to be glorious.

  • Inella

    Oh yes – ’83-’84! I think my sister got married on the coldest day of that winter.

    I think it is all relative to some degree, the older I get, the colder it seems. Maybe we just feel it more.

  • John

    It’s cold, but it’s a dry cold.

    Enjoy it while you can. Soon, it’ll be 85 degrees and humid. Worst weather of the year is less than 6 months away.

    Also – I’m a scientist, and I approve of the second graph. It ends exactly where it should, with the red line at the bottom.

  • NativeMinnesoowtan

    This is just a regular winter. Listening to the broadcast this morning, I was struck by how many people were either born or moved here after the run of great winters of the ’80s and think this is bad. Now, turnabout is fair play: you have to do a misery index during the heat and humidity and mosquito infested days of summer! I would gladly respond!