Olympic media coverage can be short-attention-span theater

Northern Minnesota, you missed a perfect opportunity to increase February tourism during the Olympics. It’s one of the few places in the U.S. where you can see more-than-halfway-decent coverage of the Olympics, Regressing says.

To do it, you have to stop watching NBC’s coverage, the highlight of which has mostly been Bob Costas’ infected eyeball.

People on the Canadian border can access CBC coverage, which is much more robust — almost three times the number of hours of coverage as the U.S. side.

Whether that translates to coverage of actual sports, only its viewers can say. The American media has a difficult time with the Olympics after the first four days, which might explain — but probably not — the NY Daily News coverage of today’s defeat of the U.S. women’s curling team.

That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed the local media’s presence in Sochi, covering the Minnesotans in the Olympics. But the coverage of the coverage has been almost as entertaining.

KARE 11 posted this picture on Facebook of one of its photographers getting “big footed” by another cameraman at the news conference for U.S. hockey today.


Pretty funny stuff. Except to Minnesotans on Facebook, apparently. It sparked a lengthy thread on social norms, cultural sensitivity, and passive aggressiveness.

It’s February in Minnesota.

  • jon

    when I was in college we got the CBC during the olympics.

    In particular there was a US canada hockey game… NBC and CBC announcers had a very different prerogative on the game. While the NBC Announcers said “Don’t count the US out yet, they still have plenty of time to rally” CBC was saying “Well this is a one sided game, I don’t see how the US could possibly make a comeback.” As I recall the CBC was correct Canada went on to gold, and the US took silver.

  • Vince Tuss

    Growing up south of Detroit and west of Canada, I sincerely miss the CBC as well as TV Ontario. Not just for sports, but for news, too. I’ve frequently wondered why it couldn’t be on cable here. The PBS station in Detroit is on cable stations across Canada. I once watched Detroit’s Freedom Festival fireworks celebrating July 4th and Canada Day from Vancouver.