Multi-car crash closes northbound Interstate 35 in Lakeville

UPDATE (3:07 p.m.): All lanes of I-35 are now reopen. Minnesota State Patrol says the incident involved up to 50 vehicles, not all of which crashed, and six semi trucks in the ditch.


Interstate 35 northbound in Lakeville has been closed this afternoon because of a pile-up in the snowstorm.

As has been the case all winter, tractor-trailer trucks are involved.

Yesterday near Toronto, 96 cars were involved in a pile-up in Barrie, Ontario, partly caused by people pulling over when a snow squall swept through the area.

“Just crawl through it,” a police officer said.

  • Noelle

    I think I can hear them laughing at us all the way from Atlanta.

  • kacky

    To be fair, it is a highway. It’s like saying “there were motorized vehicles involved.”

    • yes an no. The Toronto crash started when a truck jacknifed. Same as in Georgia. The big tieup on 394 last week was three trucks that jacknifed. The big chain crash on I90 in Indiana last month started with trucks jacknifing. Trucks are pretty unstable in bad weather.

      No clue about this one, though.

      One thing I notice about trucks in this weather, though, is they leave a LOT of room between the vehicle in front of them . And so car drivers, because we know how smart they are, pull right in front of them. I presume that behind a lot of jackknifed trucks, is a person in a car who made the trucker swerve.

      • Jeremy

        I see that happen often myself, where a car will scoot into the space in front of a trucker…No good. Though some of these truck drivers should learn to stay in the right lane especially during rush hour. One last comment: Clear the snow from your vehicles–flying chunks of ice and snow cause so many accidents and damage other people’s property.

        • kacky

          I don’t happen to have any truckers in my life but I am on the road in my car quite a bit and while I will grant you that trucks are not too stable on snow, I’ve never seen a truck doing some of the a-holian, suicidal moves that car drivers pull all the time.

  • joetron2030

    The first thing that came to mind when I saw this on Twitter: It’s snowing in Lakeville?!? (I’m in a NW suburb currently and it’s overcast but not snowing here.)

    • I’ve often thought squalls are much more dangerous than a steady snowstorm. They’re so intense and isolated and they can take you by complete surprise sometimes. And then… just like that… they’re gone.