Final score: Minnesota 1 January 0

You made it through January, Minnesota. The month that tried to kill us also deprived us of a certain seasonal reality: Winter is a great time in the state that knows how to live through it. Just not this winter.

February’s arrival ushers in the season of hope when spring training begins and reminds us that summer isn’t far behind. Perhaps you noticed the glow in the western sky as you drove home at 6 p.m. this week, too. We hold onto these signs at this time of the year. January took its best shot, but Minnesotans know how to take a punch.

But we’re also mindful that — as this video from the Brainerd Dispatch makes clear — the portion of the winter we can enjoy is fleeting also. There are some things summer just can’t do. February is one of them.

  • Jack

    It is why we live here. Thanks for sharing Bob!

  • John

    I made it out to ski yesterday for the first time in several weeks. It was almost perfect conditions and weather. (It could have been 10 degrees colder, but the snow was fantastic).

    • Jack

      Downright balmy on Saturday – went over to the History Center and didn’t even have my jacket zipped up with hat and mittens left in the car. Felt really good.

      Contrast that to last Tuesday when I was completely bundled up but it felt like I was wearing no clothes!