Faced with incorrect gas price, drivers toss their honesty – again

We have another case of the lack of ethics by drivers faced with an obvious mistake that allows them to take advantage of a low price for gasoline.

It happened in Woodstock, Illinois Sunday night when either human or computer error put gasoline on sale for 1 cent.

Faced with this, what would you do?

Photo: Emmanuel Flores via Facebook.

Faced with the obvious ethical dilemma, drivers chose the cheap gas, according to the Northwest Herald:

Woodstock Police arrived to the gas station between 9:30 and 10 p.m. to find cars lined down the street and blocking traffic, according to Woodstock Police Srgt. Dennis Leard. After initially clearing the congestion, the cars immediately began forming lines again at the gas station, Leard said.

  • What one does when others aren’t watching speaks to one’s character.

    Basically, people suck…

  • DavidG

    I think I already know: A few weeks ago, the gal at the register keyed in the wrong pump, which was quite a bit lower, when I went inside to pay. I didn’t notice it until I was about to pull out from the station.

    Went back in and it took them almost 10 minutes to figure out how to void the transaction and ring up the correct pump.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I had a similar situation happen a few years ago at a local gas station. It was when gas prices were fluctuating around the $3 mark. I pulled into a station and price on the sign was $3.10 and the price on the pump was $2.10. I mentioned this to the person behind the counter. (After filling up.) They didn’t seem to care.