Coon Rapids mom ends cancer treatment to spend more time with sons

We’re not going to make any jokes about hockey moms, not after watching this story from WCCO’s Mike Max.


Lynn Acker, 37, of Coon Rapids, has left Mayo Clinic, where she’s been treated for cancer, and she’s not going back because she wants to spend her remaining days with her three hockey-playing kids.

“I may not see my 40th birthday, I may not see next year’s birthday, but I will have the last three months, if that’s what I’m given, where I get to run around with my three boys,” she said.

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  • MrE85

    Yes, I saw this earlier. They never say what type of cancer it is, but the purple ribbon shirts the family was wearing suggests pancreatic cancer, a disease my family knows all too well. I hope her time with her family is rich and full.

    • John O.

      Not to nitpick, but does it really matter what type of cancer it is?

  • Katie Knoblauch

    A find of mine posted this on facebook. I went to school with Lynn and it just broke my heart. She an amazing women and I hope she get to spend lots of time with her boys