Video: Car plunges off Saint Paul bridge

There aren’t many drivers who haven’t thought what it would be like to end up flying off a bridge they were crossing.

It happened on I-694 on the I-35E ramp in Saint Paul this morning.

“This is why we’re urging people to slow down, pay attention and watch out for icy bridges and ramps. The motorist walked away from this crash without serious injuries,” according to MnDOT.

It’s perfect for these sorts of accidents on many bridges as ice has built up along the edges of the highways, making a nice ramp for getting over the side.

Also: Kudos to the one driver who pulled over, presumably to help.

  • Dave

    Is there any indication why the car went off the road? Or was MNDOT just issuing boilerplate warnings?

  • joetron2030

    I know on my drives the past couple mornings, the roads have been icy even though they appear well-plowed and ice-free. I think it’s mostly due to the chemicals on the roads allowing them to thaw out during midday. But, with the bitter cold we’ve had the past couple nights, it freezes up again and becomes “black ice”.

    The bridge decks seem to be worse than the rest.

  • Jack

    My usual ramp was closed today (northbound to 35W) as a car went down the embankment right after a bridge which I am guessing was super icy.

    Count me among those who respected the weather by working remotely – with the blessing of my manager who is located in a warmer climate. I am eternally grateful that I have a job where I don’t have to be in the employer’s building. My thoughts go out to those who don’t have the option.

  • MrE85

    There was explanation on the news how this could happen — when snow and ice get compacted near guardrail, it can act like a ramp if a car slides off the cleared area of the overpass. That’s likely what happened here.

  • wendywulff

    It must be awful for the driver’s family to have the accident played over and over for everyone to watch. I hope people at least learn from it.

    In the 1994 cold snap, the same thing happened, except the car landed upside down on the pavement right in front of my husband’s police car. He never heard whether the driver survived, but he remembers the blood freezing to his gloves and jacket, and not being able to speak into his radio because his face was too cold to move.

  • Rondeau

    Other news reports are reporting that the driver escaped with minor injuries…