The Metrodome as it shouldn’t be remembered

From the day we moved here in 1992, I never developed the hatred of the Metrodome that a lot of area sports fans did. So you’ll have to forgive me if I find that some of the pictures showing up on Twitter today some with a heaping helping of melancholy.

  • Paul Weimer

    The only football games I’ve seen in person were in the Metrodome, and a couple of ball games, too.

    • I only went to one football game there — the Spurgeon Wynn game against Jacksonville. So, really, I never saw a football game there.

      • MrE85

        I had the chance to watch a couple Vikings games for free, on the sidelines with the cheerleaders, no less. I’ve also been on the field in the pre-game ceremonies for a Twins game. And an American League Championship game. Great memories.

  • MrE85

    I agree with Bob 100%. Perhaps us out-of-state transplants to MN see the Dome a little differently. I’m missing it already.

  • Jamison S.

    I’m not an out of state transplant and I have lots of fond memories of the dome. Granted I only went to one Vikings game there in my life, but lots of Twins games, with lots of good memories.

  • tboom

    For someone from Minnesota old enough to remember, compared to Metropolitan Stadium, The Dome was a dump from day one. No amount of good baseball will change the fact that The Dome was a sterile football stadium with baseball shoehorned in.

    I know The Downtown Ballpark has pretty limestone, a heated field, gourmet food, between inning distractions, light rail and (insert centerfield pine tree joke here) but honestly, The Met was a better ball field.

  • Dave

    I see a perfectly fine building being wasted because a billionaire wasn’t making enough money.

    • Jack

      I may not always agree with your comments but I do this time. It may not have been the Met but when is this “mutually assured destruction” stadium race ever going to end.

      At least we had the good sense to wait until it was paid off unlike other places. Still as a Hennepin County taxpayer, I would like to pay for something that isn’t for the benefit of a few billionaires.

      Just for the record, life-long Minnesotan (except for a brief 2 year break).

  • TominEagan

    I thought these photos were taken after Gary Anderson missed that fieldgoal….