How about a snow day or late start for businesses?

Schools may have caught a lot of flak last week for closing down when the temperatures dropped to -26, but maybe some of the outrage should be reserved for American business.

This tweet from Star Tribune photographer Glen Stubbe pretty well sums up the absurdity of needing people in their cubicles when a winter storm hits just before rush hour.

Schools have delayed starts. Can’t businesses? It would also give more time to plow crews to do a decent job of clearing thoroughfares.

True, there are critical people — nurses, doctors, firefighters and bloggers come immediately to mind — but most of the people on the road this morning can be missed for a few hours. That much was proven by the two hours they sat in traffic that wasn’t moving this morning.

  • Kassie

    I’m not against, late starts, but in weather like this, I’d prefer something more along the lines of true flexibility. Employers saying, and actually mean, “the weather is bad. If you have to commute, feel free to come in later. You can make up the time later this week or take vacation time. Or work from home this morning, call in to your meetings, and come in at lunch.” People like me who had no problem getting to work on time can get there and cover.

    My commute, by the way, only took a couple minutes longer. The extra time was because I couldn’t help but take pictures of Mears Park in the snow this morning and missed a bus connection.

  • Travis Edrington

    I am working from home right now. I fully agree with this blog post.

  • David

    Worked from home in the morning and came in at lunchtime. There is no one else here in the immediate vacinity, but the parking lot was full so someone else is here.

  • NateK

    Lots of hours lost to the heavy variance in drive time on a day like today. I went less than a mile in 15 minutes (with 14 more miles to go). I just did the math in my head and said, “I have my laptop in my car here, most of my meetings are capable of being phone/web/sharing collaborations. Just go home for the good of the company. They’ll get more out of me.”

  • Virtually there

    With the emphasis on going green that so many businesses have, it is truly surprising that many still want their employees to sit in a gridlock commute (arriving late, leaving early to “beat the rush”), spewing toxic fumes into the air.

    Just think, delaying work (or working remotely) would allow a more efficient plowing of roads (sorry – you would lose the thrill of the washboard drive) and a quicker commute ultimately.

    Maybe the lack of a late start option is a conspiracy by the bodyshops so that the lucrative repair work is not lost. (Just kidding!)

  • Roger Regor

    Let’s just take the winter off. Stay inside and drink vodka and eat cheese and crackers.