Fire before and after

A quick before-and-after of today’s fire in Minneapolis:

Before (via Google Maps)


After (via KARE 11)

  • Jack

    WCCO reported on TV Wednesday that fire victims were lying on the street for up to 30 minutes before they were transported for medical care. Any idea on why the delay? The location of the fire is not that far from Fairview University and HCMC.

    • No mention of it on the WCCO site that I can find and hadn’t heard that anywhere else. I’m pretty skeptical of the claim.

      • Jack

        I thought it odd myself and it sparked debate at our house. Have listened to the audio of the dispatch (posted at StarTribune) and it sounds like ambulances were dispatched right away with additional sent as soon as they realized the magnitude of the situation.

        • DavidG

          In some of the video they aired last night, they did show a police officer walking over to a man lying on the ground and covering him with a yellow blanket and talking to him. No indication of when exactly that occurred in the response, though.

          • The stories I’ve read say the first responders found bodies lying on the ground when they arrived, which makes sense since they were jumping out of a burning building. But I’ve seen nothing authoritative to suggest they were not treated as quickly as possible.

          • Duke Powell

            Bob, you have it exactly right.

            I want to say more, but the law prevents it.

    • Duke Powell

      I’m a paramedic with Hennepin EMS. Jack, your inference of delay of care is completely unsupported by the facts.

      I didn’t see the ‘CCO report, but after spending 33 years watching the media’s misleading reporting on all issues regarding health care, I can understand your questioning what went on New Year’s Day.

      I work for a public entity. The media can investigate us and report at any time.

      I encourage them to do so.