1,000 Words: Carrying on in winter

I’ve been searching in the last few weeks for the perfect photo to describe Minnesota in winter. The frozen-beards, ice-fishing, pond-hockey-playing, ice-cave visiting, bike-riding snapshots have been fascinating — certainly more fascinating than pictures of your car dashboard.

But this one is a perfect description.


  • boB from WA

    Having been a newspaper delivery person (paperboy), twice in my lifetime, I can appreciate these 1000 words. Thanks to all who do their job despite the adverse conditions which would limit others.

    • Inella

      I was a papergirl myself and remember trudging through snow drifts in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Certainly couldn’t do it now. I appreciate the paper on my doorstep every morning. Cheers to the print media – may it survive the duration of my life.