Snow removal? North Minneapolis would be happy if the blood is removed

Let’s follow up on this morning’s 5×8 item about the scene of a homicide in north Minneapolis in which the blood and remains weren’t cleaned up.

On the North Side Vent Facebook page, Brigette Mengerson says the city showed up today.

  • Christin

    This is outrageous. As stated in 5×8, if this was in a more affluent part of the city the street would have been cleaned up immediately. This lack of action is very telling about who is valued in our town. Imagine how traumatizing that is for the children who live there. Who can go and focus on learning in school when your neighborhood has blood and brains on the street?!

  • Jack

    Umm – blood-bourne pathogens anyone? Not saying that the victim had any issues but why weren’t the usual precautions taken like they do in a sporting event to handle blood?

    How much will the blood be spread around town with the deployment of the bobcat to another area?