At NPR, buyouts bring year-end goodbyes, final sign offs

With the end of a month approaching, it’s “goodbye” time for workers who have taken buyouts at their companies which are trying to cut costs.

At NPR, newscaster Jean Cochran gave her last newscast on Friday, the moment captured in this video.

Newscaster Paul Brown also took the buyout as did Morning Edition editor Anne Hawke, producer Jim Wildman and Steve Munro, according to

  • Been There

    As someone who has watched the corporate re-org take out many colleagues over the past two years (buy-outs, we only wish), this is a scene all too familiar.

    Hopefully employee morale will not take a dive at NPR like it has at too many workplaces around this country. Those of us who survive the cuts suffer from survivor’s guilt and get to the point where we feel that we must move on for our own sanity.

    Whether the organizations (profit and non-profit) want to admit it, the reality is that “re-organization” is destructive behavior that tears apart the organization. Sure it “right-sizes” the remaining organization but at what cost? The involuntary cost of valued employees (not targeted by the org.) that choose to move on is not small. Will NPR be able to rebound and grow stronger? Who knows.