Scattering C.J.

Scattering C.J. Facebook page

Is there anything social networking can’t do?

Since he took his own life, C.J. Twomey has sat in an urn in his home in Maine. His mother didn’t want him to remain there so she enlisted social networking sites to spread his ashes around the world.

People volunteered to scatter the ashes, and his mother sent some along.

Like this, for example:

Some were scattered around Lake Erie:

Scattering C.J. Facebook page

And Jamaica.

Scattering C.J. Facebook page.

Last week, ashes were sent to Haiti, India and soon someone plans to take him to the top of Mount Everest, according to the Associated Press.

She asks the recipient to do four things: Think about C.J., think about the people he gave life to through organ donation, tell him that his mom and dad loved him and tell him that his mom is sorry she rolled her eyes at him just before he went outside and shot himself.