Poll: The Republicans are back

A lot of political pundits were burying the Republican Party after the government shutdown in October. A lot of political pundits were wrong, as they often are.

A poll today shows Republicans holding a 49 percent to 44 percent edge over Democrats in the “generic ballot,” which asks registered voters whether they would choose a Democrat or a Republican in the midterm elections without identifying specific candidates.

Two months ago, Democrats had an 8 percentage point lead in the same survey.

  • MrE85

    In the often wrong world of political punditry, few things are more meaningless than “generic ballots.” That said, America’s political metronome is always swinging to and fro, so not a surprise. I’m guessing that there will be less turnover than expected in a mid-term. But I’ve been wrong before.

    • Agreed. Specific candidates matter. Most people hate Congress in general but that doesn’t stop them from continuing to send *their* representative back each term.

      • MrE85

        Plus, many more seats considered “safe” than in past.

        • Of COURSE there’s no legitimacy in a “generic ballot” in assessing an actual election. But if the Dems blow an 8 point advantage in a generic ballot compared to another generic ballot, it does indicate shifting public sentiment in the present..

          • MrE85

            Perhaps there is a “throw the bums out” movement afoot. If so, it spells trouble for both parties.

  • Richard Walch

    I think it’s ridiculous that Republicans are being rewarded for opposing a policy that has proven to be a complete failure. They should do like Harry Reid did during the Iraq War and support the President’s terrible ideas.

  • Chuck

    Judging by how quickly the Republicans and Democrats have switched places recently in the “which party is dead” competition, that pendulum should still swing back and forth four or five more times before the next election.

    • John Peschken

      They are both dead to me right now. Only question is which stiff to vote for next time, and I’m a long way from deciding that.

  • Jack

    Forget party labels. I vote for the most qualified that is willing to work with all and for all. Getting gobs of money from PACs is usually a disqualifier. That usually means voting a straight party ticket but I have been known to vote a mixed ballot.

    We need a return of more moderate candidates.

    • John

      “We need a return of more moderate candidates.”


  • Watching these polls respond to political news headlines is like watching the stock market respond to fears that have nothing to do with long-term financials.