End of the DC-9

Farewell, DC-9’s. The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal says Delta is retiring the fleet of the aircraft it got when it bought Northwest Airlines.

The last flight will be January 6th. The last of the DC-9’s flown by a major carrier will leave Minneapolis St. Paul for Atlanta, one last takeoff for the plane that was the biggest noisemaker of all of the planes that have flown into MSP, and no fun for passengers sitting in the last rows of the plane.

The average age of the remaining DC-9s in the fleet is 35 years. They looked their age:

The particular plane in this video was retired six weeks ago.

  • Andrea

    The smaller jets Delta has replaced the DC-9 with are no improvement at all.

  • boB from WA

    Alas another icon that we’ll never see again. I remember the old Republic Airlines 9’s flying into Traverse City when growing up. We could sit at the end of the runway and watch them flying right over us. And yes they were noisy: you could hear them take off from just about anyplace in town. Before the advent of jetways at Cherry Capital, the passengers were loaded through the tail end. Especially interesting in the middle of winter. Thanks for the update