Wisconsin couple danced to the end

Betty Hornby and Frank Pachuki, my colleague Elizabeth Stawicki relays, were fixtures around Milwaukee. Wherever there was live music — Summerfest, the Wisconsin State Fair, Jazz in the Park, ethnic festivals — Betty and Frank were there doing their ballroom thing.

When Frank had to move to an assisted living center, she took the bus to visit him so that they could dance in a small rehab gym. He died last year.

It was a relationship that was strictly about dance. “We never went into romance because otherwise, that never works,” Betty told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“I’m going to dance until I die on the dance floor. That’s what I want to do” she said in a 2010 interview.

She died yesterday morning.

  • TJ Swift

    Knowing there are people like Frank and Betty out there makes all the rest of it bearable.

  • Suzy

    So sweet! Dancing heals so many ills, and makes the soul soar!