The virtual handshake

I suppose if your heart is going to get broken by losing a World Series, this is the way to wake up in the morning — a full page “handshake.”

This ad was taken out in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this morning by the Boston Red Sox.


And suddenly it’s a love-fest on the St. Louis Post Dispatch Facebook page.


It’d never happen in football.

Pitchers and catchers report in 99 days.

(h/t: Ad Freak)

  • Thomas Mercier

    Apparently they liked what the Blackhawks did for Boston earlier this year and decided to extend the same to St Louis. Not original, but hopefully genuine.

  • Ralfy

    It is so nice to see an attempt to civilly acknowledge the fans from the “other” team. The last time I went to a Vikings game, my friend and I were abused for the duration. From verbal taunts to beer “spilling” to being shoved from behind. Why? Because my friend was wearing a Lions jersey – his son was a Lions special teamer and reserve DB. When I informed the Vikings about our experience, their advice was to not wear another team’s jersey. The Vikings will never get another nickle from me.