Duluth TV audience demands to see its news anchors freeze like everyone else

(Tony Hart/Mix 108)

If The Daily Show can do it, perhaps there’s no reason why anchors at a Duluth TV station can’t fake the news by standing in front of a “green screen” and pretending to be somewhere they’re not.

At the Christmas City of the North parade in Duluth, Northland News Center anchors Michelle Lee, Kevin Jacobson and Barbara Reyelts bundled up in parkas to cover the parade live. The better to withstand the near-zero windchills.

But they weren’t actually at the parade, Mix 108 Radio reports, they were in the studio.

Few commenters on Facebook saw it as an ethical issue. Just a failure of Minnesota to be Minnesota.

(Mix 108 on Facebook)

(h/t: Aaron J. Brown)

  • Whatever

    those aren’t parkas

  • Ron

    Playing devil’s advocate: Maybe they WERE at the parade but in a position where they couldn’t get the parade behind the anchors and used a portable green screen. . .

    But. Yeah. Probably not.

  • james

    Local TV news is becoming more and more ridiculous, and not just in Duluth …

  • saddened

    Why should I trust you, if you lie about your anchors being cold???? I’d rather see them be honest that they are presenting the parade in front of a green screen. Another notch in why folks don’t trust ‘facts’.