Timewasters: Fly like an eagle

Checking “find the coolest thing anyone will see today” off the to-do list.

How was this done? Nobody seems to really know. Obviously, it was some sort of camera but Go Pro would seem to be a little large to get an eagle to participate. The author of the video isn’t saying — yet — how he did it, or how he retrieved the video after the eagle had taken its trip around the Mer de Glace glacier in the Haute-Savoie area of the Alps.

Of course, we don’t really know it’s a real eagle, either (although the brief shadow at :56 seems to confirm it is). It could turn out to be Jimmy Kimmel.

  • davidz

    Self-propelled flight over a railroad in the mountains. Thanks, that will almost certainly be the coolest thing I’ll see all day.

  • Maybe a falcon-liked trained eagle?

  • MrE85

    Bob, the next-generation critter cams are much better and smaller than an off-the-shelf Go Pro. You should tune into TPT’s “Earthflight” for more like this.


    • I have watched Earthflight and while I think the photography is typical sensational, I’ve never seen anything approaching this video. Still don’t understand why the guy stopped it just as the eagle was heading for the trees, though.

  • National Eagle Center

    In the video you can see the eagle’s shadow. The shadow shows the eagle is wearing jesses, or equipment used for falconry birds. Notice the video does show the landing…presumably back to its handler.
    Eileen Hanson
    National Eagle Center
    National eagle center.org

    • joetron2030

      I noticed early on in the clip that there’s a man standing right below the eagle’s flight path. I kind of guessed that he might be a trainer. I could be wrong, but considering he was the only person on that mountainside in clear view…

    • MrE85

      Houston, the Eagle Center has landed…in NewsCut. Welcome.

  • Screen grab of the last part of the vid. I’m not seeing the human the bird is returning to.