The people who stop to help

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You won’t see a more dramatic picture than this one tweeted by KARE 11 this morning.


An accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 55 and General Mills Boulevard between a van and a tanker. The station says one person died when a woman in a van turned in front of the truck at a red light.

The photograph also, obviously, shows that some people weren’t afraid to try to save lives, by risking their own, apparently running into the flames. , without knowing — or apparently caring — what was in the tanker.

  • MrE85

    The photo evokes one of the better moments from the “The West Wing” episode “20 Hours in America”

    “…they ran into the fire to help get people out. Ran into the fire. The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight.”

  • Tyler

    The “tanker” is carrying dirt. It’s actually a side-dump trailer.

    • Ah, OK, I see that now. Thanks, Tyler. Anyone know if there’s one of those flashing yellow arrows at that intersection? In my city, Woodbury — where drivers think red lights are optional — I saw a pretty bad (though not fatal) accident involving three cars at one intersection that recently adopted those things last Friday night (I think it was Friday night). The county is even allowing them at intersections where there are TWO left turn lanes. When there are two lanes opposite you, you can’t see anyone coming in the other two lanes of straight-ahead traffic. If they’ve got a green light and youv’e got a flashing yellow, and you can’t see them coming, that’s asking for trouble.

  • MrE85

    From the Twitter account of the State Police PIO, Lt. Eric Roeske:
    “55/Boone 1 killed, 1 inj, minivan made left from e/b 55 to n/b Boone against red arrow, struck by semi w/b on 55, semi swerved to avoid minivan, hit semaphore, burst into flames, semi drvr killed, minivan drvr trans to North Memorial.”

    • We all just leave the house in the morning to go to work. that’s all. I did a stupid thing when I was driving in too. Merged in between a couple of cars off a cloverleaf at a pretty good rate of speed, oblivious to the fact the traffic was stopped a few feet head. I could’ve killed someone. I drove past , looked at myself in the rear view mirror and said, “that was a really stupid thing to do.” It’s easy to judge one act, but it could happen to any of us. Very, very sad.

      • MrE85

        Very true. And yes, very sad.