Google Glass can put baseball in your eye

By now, you’ve probably heard about Google Glass, the eyeglasses you wear that can display things on the lens. There are already dozens of apps that have been developed.

Yesterday, a developer unveiled one that could change the way people watch baseball.

According to Engadget:

Blue uses geolocation to determine what park you’re at and feeds all manner of ball diamond-data directly into your eye. Whether it’s displaying play-by-play descriptions, who’s on the mound or how fast and what type his last pitch was, sitting in the stands no longer means missing out on the info you’d get from a TV broadcast.

While this might seem like it’d be a better tablet or phone app, wearing Glass to a ballgame does have a distinct advantage: it lets you hold more than two $15 beers at a time.

Would this enhance your day at the ballpark?