1,000 words: The people in the Navy Yard picture

This was the signature photo from this week’s mass murder at the Navy Yard in Washington. Who was the man on the ground? Who is the woman and man trying to help him? Where was he when he got shot and how did he get there? Whatever happened to the man?

We didn’t know when the image was sent around via Twitter this week.

Now we do

  • MrE85

    I was stuck by the age of almost all of the victims. Most were over 50, some near retirement age. Perhaps they were just a little slower that their younger co-workers.
    What an awful day. As always, such courage shown in the face of madness and murder.
    My dad was a civilian worker for the Navy for 20 years. A different time and place, and that could have been him on the ground. Or any of us.

  • Veronica

    Wow. There’s perspective for the rest of my day.