On Twitter, it’s dump-on-Anoka-County day

Anoka is trending this afternoon on Twitter after a Ham Lake man won a piece of the Powerball jackpot.

Apparently, plenty of people on Twitter are happy for Paul White, because it gave them a chance to dump on an entire county.

  • Dave

    These comments aren’t that far from reality. The Star Tribune reports that the winner wants to buy a 1990s Acura.

    Yes, a 1990s Acura. With the $58m he just won.

  • MrE85

    Haters. I live in Anoka County, and you all know what a sophisticated urban hipster I am. Oh, wait.

    • John O.

      So who is your favorite NASCAR driver?

  • mason

    The classism of twin cities liberals never ceases to amaze me.

    • Kassie

      You can tell the political leaning of the people above by their tweets? Or are you just assuming?

      Also, calling people from Anoka out isn’t classist, at least not in those tweets. It is questioning their tastes. Don’t have to be poor to like Nascar, beer fridges and Grand AMs.

      • mason

        3 of the 5 are from Minneapolis or St Paul, cities not exactly bastions of conservatism. Having grown up outstate I know that no one from rural areas care enough about the metro area to know which areas are considered white trash.

        It’s city liberals making fun of poor people. I’m also pretty sure those same people would get offended if people made similar comments making fun of a lottery winner from frogtown.

        • Kassie

          So it is not okay to stereotype people from Anoka as having poor taste (or if you like NASCAR and beer fridges, having good taste), but it is ok to stereotype people from the Minneapolis/St. Paul as being all liberal. Got it. And being that half of the six tweets weren’t from people identified as living in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you really don’t have an argument.

          And no one said anything about “white trash.” Only you did. So you must be an urban liberal too.

          • mason

            Actually it’s 4 out 6 that identify as being from MSP (I missed one the first time).

            If you really want to argue that Minneapolis and St Paul are not liberal cities, good luck with that.

        • Making fun of poor people? That’s odd. One of the tweets I didn’t put up said “like Anoka County needs more money.”

          The median family income in Anoka is $78,603, well above the state average. Four percent of the individuals in the county are below the federal poverty line. That’s pretty low in the big scheme of things.

        • DavidG

          They may not care which areas are “white trash” but they sure care about which areas are “ghetto.”

          I was once asked where I worked (NE Mpls), and the response was a gasped “Is that even SAFE?”

          Or, read the comments at the StarTribune for any article about North Minneapolis.