Canterbury Park passes on Great Bull Run

Revelers run with a Fuente Ymbro's fighting bull entering the bullring during the eighth day of the 2013 San Fermin Running Of The Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain. (Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

I can’t imagine anyone it too surprised by this.

Canterbury Park spokesman Jeff Maday told the StarTribune today that there won’t be a Great Bull Run modeled after the famous Spanish event after all because of, you guessed it, liability concerns.

Promoters of the Great Bull Run had a tentative agreement to hold the event at Canterbury in 2014 but there was no signed contract, [Canterbury spokesman Jeff] Maday said.

“We were going to go to the Atlanta one, I think that’s in late August or early September, to see how it works,” Maday said. But at the directors’ meeting Monday, it was discussed at length and board members decided they just weren’t comfortable with the risk, he said.

It’s possible the last week’s incident at the Dakota County Fair, where eight people were injured by a bull that escaped during a rodeo, might have influenced the decision.

The company behind the run could find another venue though, so don’t book your tickets for Pamplona just yet.