Biggest winner in triathlon finishes 1,920th

Sindy Hooper, 50, finished the Ironman Triathlon in British Columbia yesterday, just under the maximum time allowed in the race: 17 hours. She finished in 16 hours and 24 minutes.

Why bother? Because when you only have a 10 percent chance of surviving the next five years, you might as well do the things you want to do.

She swam for nearly 2.5 miles, rode a bike for 112 miles and ran a marathon — 26 miles.

She did it in the middle of chemotherapy treatments for pancreatic cancer.

“When I go to radiation, chemotherapy, take meds, look at my scar, I feel like a cancer patient; sad and scared. When I swim, bike and run I feel like an athlete; healthy, happy, and hopeful,” she says. “If you’d like to do something for me … please don’t take your life for granted.”

  • MrE85

    I’ve lost a uncle and an aunt to that particular cancer. It’s a hard way to go. I wish Sindy Hooper the best.

  • Josh Ruhnke

    I am planning on signing up for an Ironman next year. It takes a lot of dedication and training. Anytime I lack motivation to swim, bike, or run, I will think of people like Sindy Hooper.